The advantages of using big screens at smaller festivals fall into 3 main areas

1. Advantages to the Festival
2. Advantages to the Audience
3. Advantages to the Local
Traders, Sponsors and Advertisers

1. Advantages to the Festival
Firstly it raises the profile of the event.
We can make a recording of the festival for use in Fundraising and Promotion of future events, it’s great for Website content to let people see what they have been missing and entice new people for next year. The content can be transferred to DVD and sold to provide funds for future events (subject to copyright).
Screens are useful for promoting the festival from within the festival, telling the audience about Merchandising, Band Signings, Ticketed events, Programmes etc.

2. Advantages to the Audience
Big screens involve more of the audience. They create excitement and atmosphere the audience are able to see close up images of the performers and this makes them feel part of a larger event.
Screens provide information like the programme and upcoming acts, times and locations of attractions in and around the festival. Replay of highlights from recorded footage and importantly safety announcements.

3. Advantages to Local Traders, Sponsors and Advertisers
If compared to adverts in the local paper or the cinema, screens are very cost effective and are highly targeted. The screen can give sponsors more recognition and offer an additional platform to traditional routes like brochures or banners. As an added bonus the screen can be used to promote charities/local events at no cost.


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